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We will need at least 2 product samples and all the original contents, pictures, videos for translating, editing, redesigning, copywriting work. It will take us about 2 -3 weeks to complete.

Landing Page Creation

Upon receipt of your samples and content; the team gets to work. We will start to develop your story in Japanese and cater your message to the the targeted audience of Japan. We will work to identify the best platform, and process to move forward. We will have multiple meetings either in person of via video conferencing with the goal of getting your landing page ready for launch.

Launch of Campaign

We’ll write original press releases and send them to media partners. Working directly the crowdfunding platform and our partners articles and promote your product. We’ll build a marketing campaign and start creating ads and report weekly to you.

Distribution of Funds

After the successful launch of your campaign, we will coordinate with you and your staff about the delivery to your product to the backers. Our job does not stop here, we will continue to offer customer support for anyone who has questions about your product who ordered or is a potential customer in Japan. We make sure you get paid; funds are distributed exactly one month after the campaign ends.

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FAQ: Crowdfunding in Japan

How do I start a project?

The quickest way to get started is to fill out our crowdfunding application.

Are there limitations on who can start a project?

There are several limitations around crowdfunding.  The largest barrier to crowdfunding in Japan, is whether of not your product is currently being sold in Japan.  There are some issues around certifications, however our sales team will guide you thru the process.

What is the length of the crowdfunding campaign?

Crowdfunding campaigns are at least 3 -6 months long.

Is a working sample required in order to start?

At least 2 working samples are required in order to launch a crowdfunding campaign.

How quickly can I get paid?

You will get paid exactly one month after the campaign ends.  For example if your campaign ends in November then payment will be distributed the following month in December of the same year.

What are the fees?

We charge a flat rate of $15,000, plus commission which includes our ultimate digital marketing package.

Why are you so expensive compared to others?

We offer a range of affordable options to get your product or service promoted or crowdfunded in Japan.

Other Crowdfunding firms have hidden costs, such as a higher commission rate, and or additional fees or marketing emails and campaign management.

Gloture offers straightforward and fixed plans to get you the most bang for your money.

How is the money transferred?

Crowdfunding revenue will be wired directly to your company’s bank account. Most transactions take 3 – 7 business days depending on the location of your bank.

Can I crowdfund in Japan if I have already crowdfunding on Kickstart or Indeeigogo?

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Can I crowdfund even, if I do not have a company in Japan?

Yes.  You can crowdfund even if you do not have a company in Japan.  Our team of professionals will help guide you thru the process.

How well do you think we will perform in Japan with our product?

From our experience, campaigns that have done well fundraising on Kickstarter/Indiegogo tend to perform well on Japanese crowdfunding platforms. If you look at some of the case studies provided, you can see that all of them have either met or surpassed their fundraising goals.

How much are the shipping costs and custom fees for my product to ship to Japan?

The shipper or receiver will need to pay the consumption tax and a customs fee. Most of Japan’s crowdfunding platforms work it out so that the price of perk will include these costs.  


The formula for the total cost is:

[Price of product] x 0.06  x 0.10 + [Customs fee]

0.06 = adjusting for personal import

0.10 = Consumption tax ( 10% )

Price of product = declared in invoice

Customs fee = may vary among logistics