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FAQ: Selling your product in Japan

How do I get my project listed?

The quickest way to get started is to fill out our product listing application  above. After filling out the application, a sales representative will contact you to determine the next steps.

What information do I need to launch my product?

Our product listing application form will take you thru the all the necessary questions in order to get your product launched.

Generally speaking we will need, information about your product, proof of certifications, and capabilities.  Gloture reviews and tests all products before, selling and or crowdfunding.

Please be prepared to ship at least two samples to us.

What are the fees?

It’s free to get started,

however a sales representative will work with you to determine your budget in order achieve your desired goals and expectations.

You can take a look at our  Digital Marketing Packages to get an understanding of our pricing and service offering.

Does Gloture offer retail placement or store placement?

We have several relationships with offline retailers.  We can not promise or guarantee  your product to be shown or displayed at one of our retail locations.  Generally speaking your product must have considerable marketability to be accepted in one of Japan’s retail stores.

Upon review of your application, we can discuss with you further it we think your product as a good opportunity of being selected to be showcased in retail.

Does Gloture buy my product?

Generally speaking Gloture does not purchase an MOQ, but rather works with brands to launch their product in Japan. We work with brands who want to  leverage our PR savviness and digital marketing expertise in the Japanese market.

Does Gloture help with the certification process?

Generally speaking if your product doesn’t involve batteries, or wireless functions ( bluetooth, wifi ) ; product certification is not required.

Gloture, as an company  does not get involved in the certification of the products, and normally these certifications are all applied for by our clients before the product is launched to Japan.

Please visit the Japan Quality & Assurance Organization ; it is a good resource for your about the certifications.

How do I receive payment?

Upon completion of the contract between our two organizations, you will be asked to fill out a financial account details form, where we will collect all necessary financial information to ensure smooth and consistent payment to you.

We will wire all amounts directly to your company’s bank account. Most transactions take 3 – 7 business days depending on the location of your bank.

How is customer support & service handled.

Your company will be assigned a dedicated sales rep to discuss any issues with your product.

Gloture also handles all customer service in Japanese for products purchased thru our Gloture Future store.  We will coordinate with your team to ensure that your brand and brand image remain intact.